18 ct white gold diamond ring with at its centre a 1.50 D/VS2  GIA certified Asscher cut.

This ring was specially custom made, in fact the shoulder diamonds specially cut just for this ring, as this shape and size are not readily available.

The Asscher cut is a name commonly given to a diamond of the emerald cut  type, when the length is the same (or very close to) the width, giving it a ratio of 1:1.

As with all emerald cut type diamonds a high clarity and great cut are essential.

When you have diamonds this good , the ring is assured to look stunning. The total diamond content here is over 2.00 ct in the highest possible colour grade, D.

The cost for this level of precision can be high, and with specially cut diamond in D colour, you will not see this too often. However replicating this type of ring in other sizes and grades is also possible, therefore the cost will vary.

Budget will need to be in the 15 – 20 K area, although its not possible to lock in a firm cost until we assess the diamond options at the time.

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