A solitaire diamond ring set with a 1.85 H/SI1 with Excellent cut grade and fully GIA certified.

Big diamonds tend to cost a lot,  so sometimes it is best to lower the colour a little to ease the expense, this was a custom made ring for a client, with great cut.

As long as you keep the cut grade and clarity grade quite high , the ring will be stunning. It is true to say that the larger diamonds can carry a little more colour , simply because they are large with more light refraction than the smaller diamonds. at 1.85 ct this is a pretty big ring for most people but stunningly beautiful

This design can be replicated with diamond sizes starting from around 0.50 ct , but works best for diamond at 0.80 ct  – 1.30 ct and above , this is mainly because the thicker feature claws, would not be very prominent in the smaller sizes needed for sub 0.80 ct diamonds, however it is still a possibility if you want finer claw look.


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